Stichting Sexmatters was formed with the idea that it would be fun

and educational to talk about gender and sexuality. Still we noticed that in conversations on these subjects, a lot of stereotyping and prejudiced thinking happens. This way of thinking can lead to (gender) inequality, social exclusion, (sexual) harassment and even (gender based) violence. Sexmatters has been brought to life to combat this, and since then has been fighting for and promoting more acceptance, equality and social inclusion.

Sexmatters’ target audience is young people and therefore focus on places where youth comes together. The goal of Sexmatters’ activities is to make young people aware of gender and sexual diversity, to teach them to respect people who are different from them, and to make them know their own wishes and boundaries. Our activities help lessen prejudice and stereotyping, and promote mutual understanding and acceptance.

Sexmatters gives workshops and training aimed at young people and adults who work with them, like teachers and social workers. Next to that we keep a blog with a diverse team of bloggers, who write about their real life experiences with our main subjects and anything that surrounds those.